19 October 2018



From famous luxury brand boutiques and large commercial retail facilities, to products you can put in your palms, the design studio “ CURIOSITY” led by French designer Gwenael Nicolas, continues to expand the range of activities without creating a barrier to the design. While simultaneously many projects are in progress all over the world, CURIOSITY advocates a flexible viewpoint and bold interpretation that jump over East and West cultures, past and future substances with a dynamic explication.

Nicolas’ creations are something you have never seen and you have not found even in something experienced or seen. His creations are an invitation for something you have expected for a long time - they are filled with fun discoveries and a wonder for new experiences. This is because Nicolas strongly believes that those creations are a result of great power of design with limitless possibilities.

CURIOSITY CANVAS COLLECTION will present the visitor Nicolas’ special creation – “CANVAS CHAIR”, which appears at first to be a piece of flat canvas, but becomes a functional chair when in movement. Nicolas designed this unique product, especially for this exhibition, collaborating with well-known brands and companies who have worked with CURIOSITY subsequently. Those brands will express their individual characters through the design of this unique creation.

This is a unique opportunity for the visitor to meet a very distinctive encounter, which is both a chair and a work of art, allowing us the time to see Nicolas' fascinating design world.

2018 is also a milestone for CURIOSITY with its’ 20th years since the design office was established. Celebrating this anniversary, a visual book will be launched as a special compilation of works from these two decades. From the projects introduced in the book, a virtual reality tour will be held in this exhibition the major store we designed around the world.


Since its establishment by French designer Gwenael Nicolas in 1998, the design studio CURIOSITY has enjoyed the business in a wide range of design field from interior of retail stores to installation, product, and graphic design. While it is based in Tokyo, CURIOSITY have received continuously many requests from overseas prestige brands and have won enormous trust in the unconventional design work expressing those brands’ identities, traditions, and appeals of products. Symbolic flagship stores designed by CURIOSITY have increasingly opened in big cities in the world like Paris, London and Milan, and have attracted global attentions constantly, naming Nicolas as one of the best designers in few design magazines. The common space interior of GINZA SIX, the large shopping complex, which opened in Ginza, was also designed by CURIOSITY in 2017, enjoying high reputation both domestically and globally.


“Furniture should exist only when necessary, and should be beautiful and calm with invisible function” This is “ideal furniture” as Gwenael Nicolas believes. In order to embody Nicolas believes, CURIOSITY designed CANVAS CHAIR. with first look At first glance, the object appears as a piece of painting on an easel, which becomes functional as a chair when you sit on it. Collaborators of “CURIOSITY CANVAS COLLECTION” designed original art pieces, which will become seat covers especially for this event, fully showing the characters of the brands.