Milan Design Week

08 April 2014

Milan Design Week

Rabbet design by Patricia Urquiola

8/13 April 2014 Salone Internazionale del Bagno - Milan Hall 24 / Stand D11

After the success of Earthquake 5.9, Budri is now presenting the new Rabbet collection at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2014 in Milan. Rabbet is a fairy-tale in which marble expresses a language of purity and simplicity by means of shapes and colours. Rabbet: literally, a joint between two parts created by the exact mating of a projection in one with a recess or groove in the other. A rabbet is a standard carpentry joint, here applied to marble. In fact, the stand has been conceived around this construction device, with three walls jointed and interlocked to form showcases for marble interpreted in different ways, with an alternation of smooth surfaces, ribbed and matelassé textures. Geometrical inlays in pastel-shaded onyxes and travertines emerge from a concrete wall to create an architectural landscape. A large surface inlaid with marble and wood seems to be suspended above the stand. The exploration of new materials in combination with marble has led to effects achieved by inlaying Azul Macaubas (an exquisite blue stone) and copper, a ductile rosy metal that is the applicational novelty in this collection.

Origami Desk design by Patricia Urquiola

8/14 April 2014 10 corso como - Milan

As if marble were paper, the collection of Origami tables is inspired by the ancient Japanese origami: the table top makes a 90° bend becoming the vertical support, in a graphic game of continuity and colour. Origami Desk is made of Azul Macaubas and Rosa Portogallo Estremoz marble.