Budri present Papiro Collection

18 November 2015

Budri present Papiro Collection

"Papiro Collection", designed by Patricia Urquiola explores the concept of lightness in marble, interpreting spaces and changing volumes.

Papyrus - from Latin papȳrus - represented an important turning point, a genuine revolution, in the history of writing, as it was easy to fold, light, therefore easy to transport.

The project of “Papiro Collection” shows a design evolution in marble processing, in its inlayed surfaces made of polychrome stones. The traditional workmanship brings out its colours and enhances its typical qualities. Space is an alternating series of graphic patterns that unfold down to the ground.

“Papiro” interprets that space as an ever-changing story told from various points of view, around the room. The Bianco Sivec, Bardiglio, Bianco Carrara, Rosa Portogallo and salmon pink marble inlay unwinds to become a table top, a second skin supported by Chilean pine biscuit legs, where colour combinations of materials and objects dialogue together characterising the space.

A unique mood of pastel shades onyx pale rose to aquamarine, deliberately different one from the other in terms of language and form identify the five patterns of “Papiro Collection”.