Lucipetus Collection

"Lucipetus" - designed by architect Luca Scacchetti -, from the Latin "who seeks light", an etymology that can be shared with that of the name Luca, from "luce" ("light" in italian).

The result is a surprising wall, made of plays of shadows and lights, geometric shapes that chase each other, full patterns that slowly dissolve, leaving isolated traces on fields of Bianco Statuario marble. A "design" that develops over modules in a crescendo of intensity. The 3D-effect processing, created by a layering of several graphic elements, gives depth and plasticity to the covering. The cutting of the stone, carried out with the aid of a water jet with numerical control system, together with the different finishes and the manual assembly of each piece, represents a novelty in the application of the stone.

"Lucipetus" is a decoration thrown in the wind that falls at will on walls, free to choose the fair ratio between full or fragmented fabric.