Bangle Collection

The Bangle collection, designed by Cristina Celestino’s, takes inspiration from the costume jewellery of the ’60s and ’70s, and in particular from the colourful universe of bracelets made of bakelite, an artificial resin discovered in the early 1900s that was soon introduced into the jewellery and fashion world. Thanks to its ductility, this material made it possible to create carvings and inclusions, as well as varied, bright colours. Bracelets, buttons and brooches were enhanced with a new aesthetic, thanks to the use of this innovative material, which frequently imitated precious marble, ivory, coral and tortoiseshell.

As in the case of the Alice lamp – designed for Budri in 2017 – the designer makes out-of-scale her stylistic leitmotif: the Bangle collection includes seven vases and a tray composed of seven different shapes and two bracelet heights. For the selection of marbles, the designer chose to alternate veined materials such as Rain Forest Green, Rosso Barocco and Azul Macaubas with solid marbles with a “colour block” effect such as Giallo Noce and Nero Assoluto, combined in turn with semi-transparent onyxes. The unique “solista” (soloist), a monochromatic vase coloured with light shades, is made of Onice Bianco and Bianco Carrara, contrasting with the rest of the collection’s bright colours.

The iconic Bangle vase, made from “bracelets” in Bianco Carrara, Bianco Statuario and Emerald Green, features a micro-processed surface inspired by the texture of the aforementioned bakelite bracelets.