Vaniteux Collection

The Emperor Napoleon loved luxury and wealth. His vanity and enormous ego were reflected in everything that surrounded him, his lavish residences dominated by marble, silk, brocade and gold. Not even during his long voyages and military campaigns did he compromise on luxury, asking his trusted artisans - including goldsmiths, blacksmiths, upholsterers, marble workers and carpenters - to create elegant tables, mirrors, console tables and padded furniture that exuded beauty and could be easily transported.

The Vaniteux collection, designed by Sonja Vizzini for Budri, is inspired by these kinds of luxury furnishings and undoubtedly dominated by pictorial marble, unique and eye-catching in its lightness. Simple, geometric shapes, completely harmonious with the warm shades of marble, become highly versatile side tables and trays, supported by elegant pliants.

"Thanks to Budri’s savoir faire and its ability to treat marble like a fine fabric, I was able to explore my creativity and balance the beauty of the stones with lightness. I was excited about the idea of never compromising on beauty and making it ours every day."