Since 1960, Budri has specialized in working fine marbles and natural stones. With a manufacturing facility of 8000 m2, availing of over 55 years experience in business, Budri sets the benchmark for the design, bespoke execution and installation of major projects of great complexity in all five continents.
The brand occupies a privileged position in niche markets with high added value, characterized by high product-quality, bespoke projects and an outstanding level of service dedicated to clients.
Budri is the ideal partner for projects that require Italian excellence in craftsmanship, cutting-edge technologies and a high production capacity.

Budri Milano

An haute couture atelier in the heart of the city located right in the heart of Milan, at Foro Buonaparte 60, Budri Milano is a tangible expression of the company’s constant evolution, of its focus on a future of growth, research and experimentation, where beauty informs every business choice. Hence the choice of such a prestigious location, steeped in history, art and culture to immerse the visitor in an exclusive experience and convey the company’s vocation for uniqueness. The new display space is not simply a showroom, but is intended as a dynamic meeting place for architects, designers and connoisseurs of design, where creative ideas take shape: elegant solutions, chromatic and material juxtapositions suited to all types of contract, residential and retail projects. The concept for the showroom was sparked by the desire to “give voice to marble”, in other words to recount a process that starts from the raw material and transforms into different languages. Marble is an apparently rigid and austere material that, in fact, turns out to be extremely expressive. It is up to those of us who work it to understand it and let it express itself”, claims Alessandra Malagoli Budri, the company’s art director. “The aim of the project was to create a space with the capacity to highlight the beauty and preciousness of Budri surfaces and furnishing accessories, where contemporary collections and more classic proposals can be displayed together in harmony. With this in mind, we decided to imagine the entrance like the stage of a theatre, with two elegant velvet drapes simulating the stage curtains, drawn back to reveal a set characterised by scenery fashioned from marble and onyx that highlights the furnishings on stage.”

Project Philosophy

  • Quarrying of the marble
  • Selection of the block at the quarry with our specialized block tester
  • Selection of the material according to specific quality characteristics
  • Visual inspection during acceptance of the material to verify quality degree
  • Slab analysis of each slab and selection of only extra quality parts
  • Production of shop drawings
  • The entire production process is strictly carried out in Italy, at our Mirandola plant
  • Approval by architect or client on the basis of pre-assembly at our plant
  • Packaging for export in closed wooden crates with anti-tipping bars
  • Freight and assistance with paperwork
  • Installation and polishing worldwide by Budri’s highly skilled teams and Project Managers
  • Final testing of the installation supervised by the Director of Works

The add value