Deep knowledge and outstanding craftsmanship. These are the key assets that allow us to go beyond the concept of the material’s heaviness and rigidity, creating lightness where it seems impossible. Budri’s Yachting division blends luxury and innovative, meticulous design, a combination that makes Budri creations recognizable for their enduring beauty and uniqueness.
Outstanding craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology at the service of the designer.
Major investment in technological innovation and years of research in the field of ‘slim marble’ allow Budri to produce creations with reduced weight, resulting in a lower environmental impact and an easier installation process.

The Horizon 2020 Slim Project Research & Innovation Programme European recognition was awarded to Budri in 2018.



Regina D'Italia Codecasa Private Customer MY 65 mt. 2019 NEW BUILD
Royal Carrebean Lounge Area
AMELS MY 62 mt 2019 NEW BUILD Private Customer
Private Yacht MY 125 mt 2019 REFIT
Liberty Nile Egypt Cruise Ship

*due to the expressed wish of our customers and for reasons of confidentiality, images of the projects may not be published and the names of the owners withheld.